Pheonix Boxes back And Q Winter Wonderland is also out

For those that need a reason to pop on. The Pheonix Boxes are back until the 27th. If you don’t want anything else the Pheonix Tech Upgrades are a good to get.

Also Q winter wonderland is in effect. Has been up for a week or so. I’m doing it but not really too thrilled with the ship.


Other than those who use antiproton and missed the crystalline launcher the best items are in the level 5 and 6 levels. The doffs and tribble’s along with the voth admirality card are the best items of course the phoenix upgrades are good for leveling anything below MK 12 or 13 though they suck if you are looking to transition from very rare to epic class. None of the epic rare ships are worth it including their t5 skill unless you are looking for the asthetics or rping. Btw belated merry christmas to all and happy new year.

I am assuming the ship is cross faction? It doesn’t have an uber t5 skill so I will probably just stick it on my kdf toons.