Phase one of Alpha One Accessible next month - Sept 2018

Per an e-mail from Intrepid Studios which reads :Phase One of Alpha One, which will be accessible next month, will be focusing on the action side of combat, and will include modes of; Open World Battlegrounds, Castle Sieges and City Defense “Horde Mode”. This phase is designed to test the mechanics of our action side of combat, as well as, our castle siege systems, and adaptive AI mechanics in the Horde mode. We will be detailing this phase further in our next stream and at our Panel.

I also poked around the Ashes of Creation forums and Discord and most believe that if you have Alpha access from the kickstarter or later purchases which grants Alpha access that we can play sometime next Month :slight_smile:


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And no NDA so it can be streamed!!

After more research I found that I only have access to Alpha one - phase 2 :frowning:
I have the Founders pack from the Kickstarter.
Pledge $150 or more
Invite to Closed Alpha - Phase 2 (Persistent Alpha)
1 Additional Month of game time (4 Total)
Kickstarter Exclusive - Spectral Mare mount
Kickstarter Exclusive - Pseudo Dragon Pet
Kickstarter Exclusive - Freehold appearance bundle Tier 2
Kickstarter Exclusive - Character Founder’s Costume
Access to Live launch head-start - 1 day early!
Unique “Founder” forum badge
Unique in-game character title “Founder”
Plus all previous rewards!!
Estimated delivery
Dec 2018
1,188 backers


I’m in Alpha 1.

I will believe this only when I see the link to download the game. Will be interesting how the panel goes. hopefully there is more gameplay footage.

I am not a big tester of games, but I decided when I pledged a shit-ton of money, I would do exactly that. The game looks really nice. at least in screenshots. I will be in alpha 1 as well.

Happy to see the eternal naysayers who adamantly claimed there was no chance of Alpha 1 starting until December proven wrong - somewhat sad to hear Alpha 1 will have a Phase One and Phase Two(starting April or May of 2019) so Alpha 2 could be nearly a year off. Still likely well ahead of other cough endless development projects I suppose.

I actually like the fact that they’re doing real Alpha and Beta testing and that it’s going to be a year+ before they even consider release. :wink: Why? They’re creating a very complicated game and I’d much rather they took their time and got it right than rush out a half-finished product like so many companies have of late. (Bless, anyone?)

They’re expanding way past what the trade runs were in Arche Age (including Naval trading and Naval warfare! Woot!) They’re allowing players to control territories and improve them. They don’t believe in fast leveling and expect the average players to take months to reach cap.

This crew is producing stuff at astonishing rates compared to most other recent game developers and I want to wait for them to flesh out their entire concept! I can’t wait to play it. :wink:

reminder to anyone who bought into the alpha 1 that if you don’t see your E-mail check your promotions tab if you have gmail. I just checked mine after seeing this post and found it.

From the release timetable on the AoC wiki ( )

Alpha-1 “soft rollout” available to Braver of worlds backers and above.[6] Short time before Alpha-1 phase 1.[6]

Alpha-1 phase 1 release.[7][8] Third week of September 2018.[9]

Been waiting on this, Alpha 1 ready

They start rolling it out to people this week!!!

You high rollers with the pricey packages are likely going to get in early since they are doing it by tier and date of purchase. :slight_smile:

I got in a few hours after the kickstarter launched think it was like $435 at that point for Braver of worlds. guessing I’ll be in around the third week of the month…can’t wait to check it out #hype

Yeah, same. It’s only going to be the arena style, and likely lots of cursing at a crashing launcher, but I’m still pretty excited.

That’s pretty much to be expected that the first run is mainly a Bug Hunt, but that can be fun as far as seeing how you can make the game glitch. Usually in an Alpha, the devs want you to break the game.