Phantasy Star Online 2

Anyone playing? Just downloaded. As it’s “new” and shiny gonna give it a shot :slight_smile:

Discord General Games #lobby has a fair amount of people playing it :slight_smile:

I tried installing it because it IS new and shiny, but it would not play. Something about it not linking. And this after hours of downloading. I finally gave upt.

Is there a guild (alliance) for this game? If so what ship? If not what ship is everyone on? I am going to wager on no for a guild for this game as not many are playing I take it.

Sarvadi not sure what it can be is xbox gaming service running ? Go to start search for services then look for the services that named xbox they should be manual some with manual trigger start. I know i had a problem when I got minecraft from ms store my xbox live auth or something was disabled for some odd reason. Again not sure what other things to suggest as no idea what the actual error is. Oh make sure your windows is to update as well.

I would be interested in knowing as well. Have toons on both ship 2 and 3 at the moment.

I’ve been playing on Thorn.