Phantasy Star Online 2 & New Genesis

Anyone else playing? Big update today and Steam access. I play off and on with a few fellow writers.

I’m gonna give the game a whirl, benbrada. Just wondering what server to connect to in order to play with fellow OTGers.

We don’t really have any “following”. Think I’m on Feoh (sp?) but my PC is down for a few days. The storms this week in Midwest claimed my PSU.

I have been playing on ship 2 Ur for the last month or so. I know I gave Ship codes to someone else who asked me in discord from OTG.

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gonna be bowing out of PSO 2. Not my kind of game.

That’s cool! No worries. I play sporadically.

I know its been about 3 years but does anyone still play this just picked it up and would love to group up with anyone that still plays i’m feoh.