Pet Stance question

Assist - Pet attacks when I attack.
Defensive - Pet attacks when me or my pet are attacked.

If I have it on Assist, my pet does nothing while I’m being attacked, figuring out what to do and casting my first spell. If I have it on Defensive, it doesn’t attack what I’m attacking until what I’m attacking attacks me. My pet seems stupid to me. Is there any way to get my pet to attack when I attack OR when I get attacked?

Not sure how familiar you are with macros, but they can help! For example, you can macro a commonly used ability like so:

/cast Arcane Shot

so that whenever you hit arcane shot, your pet will attack; also has the side effect of your pet switching targets if you switched targets when you hit the macro. You can replace Arcane shot with any rotational offensive ability.

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TBH, I run my pet on Passive most of the time because I don’t like the interactions of either Assist or Defensive, for all the reasons you mentioned, @ribbit. If it’s always on Passive, then I know I always have to control what it attacks. No “misunderstandings”. :slight_smile:

I usually open with Kill Command, or if that’s on CD, with a petattack macro, similar to what Myndgames mentioned.

My only experience with macros is from getting the chicken in Westfall 10 years ago. :slight_smile: I have programming experience though, so I’m familiar with the concept.

I’ll look at doing something like this. It sounds like a great solution. Thanks.

The macro interface in WoW is pretty easy to use, IMO. I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but if you do, feel free to PM me. I’m happy to help.

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