Free to play on steam. Taken over by volunteers to keep the game going. Not a lot of people play but I really don’t know why. I’ve been playing a bit lately and I love it. It’s been compared to Eve but on the ground. Really love it for the industry side but there is pve and pvp battles in mechs. If anyone feels like trying it out let me know. Mezilar in game. Found a friendly Corp to hang with. Hey it’s FREE.

Always had a good time with Perpetuum over the years. I played a lot when it was first released and always seem to come back every couple years. The Open Perpetuum folks you are talking about have done a great job consulting with the devs and continuing the game, and even adding content. They have a fairly active Discord too. I always liked how Perpetuum handled scanning and mining and the artifact hunting was always fun, and it is really set up for corp members to work well together to succeed. Glad to hear you have found it and are enjoying it!

I was hoping some of the old EVE players might be interested. The dev volunteers are still making content. It’s super chill. And those that still play are really cool peeps. There is a new update with more content coming soon.

Heya Mezilar, thanks for posting about Perpetuum! I don’t know how I’ve never heard of it.

I went through the tutorial last night and enjoyed it even though it was long (I could see how it might not appeal to a more impatient crowd.) There looks to be a lot of depth to the game and I’m looking forward to diving into it again later today. I see that there is crafting, hunting, artifact hunting, missions, and different kinds of skill trees along with lots of progression and variation in the different bots you can outfit.

The graphics are definitely dated, but I’d trade game depth over graphics any day.