PC versus XBox

I notice there aren’t much in the way of regular XBox ESO players. I play both PC (recently) and XBox and I rarely see or hear from anyone in there. Of course, I have a weird schedule, so maybe I’m just on different from everyone else.

-Be me.

-REALLY want to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

-Have ESO for years. Play off and on for years. Suddenly become addicted again, sub for a year on both platforms and start playing every day.

-Get AC: Valhalla.

-Plan to play AC every day. Even stay home from work.

-Sit down to play Valhalla every day.

-Play ESO for hours every day instead

There’s been a big increase in pc players on most games because of the increased performance capabilities. Also, because of COVID there are a lot more pc’s players than ever before. Many of the AAA games just run better on pc.

I new to the guild and had just uninstalled ESO because it’s just not that great for single player. I’m thinking of reinstalling because there seems to be a lot of players here. I’m going to look for folks when I get it back.

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