Path Of Exile 2

Members of General Games staff continue to play PoE off and on. We’re also monitoring features, release dates, etc. for “Path Of Exile 2” so we’ll be ready to support it on day one.


I few of us are currently playing POE in the Metamorph league, we are having a blast. GGG has been hard at work on this game constantly improving it since 2012. I for one can’t wait for POE2 which is really patch 4.0 with a boat load of new content.

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Yep. Still enjoying it :slight_smile: Although I generally kind of lose interest in the maps section.

I’m with Splutty on that one. I really like the game and I’ll try a different build each league, get up to around level 90 and just get bored with running maps. My son, OTOH, ran up like 6 different builds in the current league and has close to 100 ex built up. smh

I too think they went a bit overboard with the new Atlas, I like the rework of it ,but chasing the guardians around and having to kill them each 8 times is a bit extreme. I am currently sitting at 13 watchstones, and I’m over it. Delving on the other hand is very fun, i just wish i an endless supply of sulfite.