Patch discussion and a few questions on dungeon sets

5.1.0 Patch notes

Looks to me like bleeds will get a hard nerf, now having physical resistance apply to it. Also people running around with Dawnbreaker on their bars for the 5% weapon damage boost will remove it now post patch.

Questions on dungeon gear

  1. Can I improve it with my blacksmith? IE if I get a blue quality piece, can I take it to the forge and upgrade it to gold quality?

  2. Transmutation- how slow is the process to get 50 crystals to do a transmute? My son and I started running dungeons last night

  3. What sets do you think will go out of style post 5.1.0? What will the be the new sets everyone wants?

When you are gathering transmute crystals don’t forget the PvP campaigns, you get 10 for participating in the weekly and 50 for the monthly campaigns.

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Thanks, very useful. Can you just go to Cyrodiil and farm skyshards and get counted as participating?

You need to farm a certain amount of AP to qualify as participating, I can’t remember how many, but if you hook up with the zerg it will come easy as long as you tag every enemy you can. Oh and staying alive helps.

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OK thanks.