Just a reminder, today’s patch will take servers down until 6pm EST/ 3pm Pacific

Most likely… your addons will go bonkers…you might need to wait a few days until they update the issues. Try loading them as out of date and see which ones will still work and which ones you might want to disable if you are not wanting to run addon free today.

226 Gear is available from the Vendor in Zerith Mortis for 500 anima each…

so if your using this vendor to gear up today, don’t forget to swing by the guild vault before starting and grab enchants for that new gear. Don’t see the enchant you need?? Shout out in Guild Chat and I am sure someone can craft anything your missing.

Here is what everyone is saying about today, just follow the Campaign Quest thru Chapter 3 first. Don’t get sidetracked with side quests, don’t loot any chests. The reason is that once you get Chapter 3 finished there should be a quest “Patterns of Fate” which is the Bi-weekly quest for the zone. This is like the “Shapers of Fate” quest where doing things in the zone progressed the bar. Now do anything you like, to help progress this quest.

Once you finish Chapter 3 on your main, the skip will be allowed on ALTS. DON’T SKIP

The rep rewards & 125 cypher points will be lost and you actually will be days behind your main.

Have Fun in the New Zone


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I’ll be on and can have my warlock Friedbones make enchants for anyone who needs them. Just holler out !! :grin:

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This is a very good idea. Thanks Trevain for this tip.

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@Macneel thanks! This was very helpful advice!

And for you Hordies there are no enchants, dont bother going to the Guild bank, we just have fish and other garbage in there… LOL. This is such a long patch day… eh gives me time to spend it with my family

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No enchants? Slackers… :joy: :rofl: :grin:

Actually game came back up early around 330 Eastern