Patch 8.15 is supposed to drop tomorrow, 12 Mar 2019

Wowhead’s patch notes for 8.15.

I am looking forward to the new race. Also the crafting tools of the trade look like that will be fun. What are you guys interested in?

Kul tiran Druid. Professions too. Still wish that Blizzard would increase quest log cap.

Hati is baaaaaaaack!!!

So much this!

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Hah! Yeah the quest log cap. I had extra garrison resources on my dual gatherers (herb/mine) and decided that I would unlock garrision invasions by dumping those into scouting reports. I did this on my priest, and I have had more offers of invasions for that particular character. Well it did not take long at all to fill my entire quest log with scouting reports. I am not sure why tracking quests is so data storage intensive, and would think this would be a simple quality of life tweak to put in the game.

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oh yea and beast mastery hunters are getting pretty decent buffin up awwww yeaaaaaas

Did a quick log on this morning to check sales and I had moved a bunch of 30-slot bags. So I dumped 33 of them up on the market for 2K, and I think I might have a good chance they will move as people start new alts for the races. Bugsack was screaming at me, so maybe the addons need some tweaks. Won’t likely get an opportunity to play it until Fri.