Patch 3.6.2 in ETF testing

Spent the past 3 or 4 hours flying the 890J
It is HUGE, and very well done. They did an amazing job on this one.
It has a couple of quirks, and the Yaw/Pitch/Roll doesn’t feel quite right. Oh and it eats fuel like a starving teenager.

But it is pretty damn awesome.

Screenshots as soon as they give the ok to share them.

Cool experience.
Landed at Daymar outpost and spawned my 85x. Parked it on 890 and flew back to Hurston.
Put 890 in “Air Park” mode about 20k m above Lorville, got into 85x and flew down and picked someone up, then flew them back to 890. Gave them the VIP pick up treatment.

Fun stuff.

Game may be lacking in some things, but the spirit of it is there.

Air park mode? Is this a new thing?

No, I just stopped in the air far above the city and left it running there. Hover mode kept me in place.
I called it air park mode because that is what it felt like :wink:

I wonder if they will ever implement the ability to open/close our ships remotely. Flying up from the surface and interacting with a waiting vessel to open the hangar on approach, then closing it without ever leaving your snub will add a significant touch of cool.

The plan is to have all of those functions available from the mobiglas…eventually.

So yes, to answer your question that is the plan

Spent some more time in the patch messing around with the 890J tonight.
Have about 170 images to share with you guys as soon as we get the ok.

It really is one sexy ship.

Well it went public so here are about 175 images I took for you guys.
You have probably seen the official walk through by now, but these are still pretty good to look at too.

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