Patch 10.1.5 goes live Tuesday 7/11

Here is a pretty good video that outlines what will be available starting Tuesday.

TLDR Version

New Mythic Mega Dungeon - Dawn of the Infinite

  • Loot Drops ilvl 437
  • Designed to be a 5 man Raid with Mythic Raid style Mechanics
  • PTR testing was designed around 425 Gear Level
  • Equates to a Mythic +15 Keystone without the affixes
  • Achievements for finishing prior to Season 3
  • Patch 10.1.7 will release a split Heroic Version
  • Season 3 will see the Split Versions in the M+ Dungeon Rotation

Time Rifts

  • New Community Open World Event
  • Every Hour on the Hour
  • Complete Tasks to increase Reward Level (Think Researchers Under Fire)
  • Earn Rewards & New Currency
  • Vendors sell 402 Veteran Gear for New Currency (This is the Alt Catch Up this Patch)
  • Vendors sell a variety of Trinkets
  • Dailies also in Eon’s Fringe (Time Frozen Village near the Primordial Flux) for new Currency

Whelp Day Care

  • Dailies for a ton of new Pets
  • These are Time Gated so be sure to do the unlock quest to get the Dailies rolling

Kalimdor Cup : Dragon Racing coming in Middle of August

  • Currency Earned from these races can be used on new Transmog Set & Toys
  • I will be setting up an OTG Race Event for those who want to have some fun while we earn our achievement.

Evoker Augmentation 3rd Spec - Support Spec

  • Less overall DPS, easier rotation, but uber buff your party (Power Infusion/Hero spells for allies)
  • RTWF Guilds are already looking at 2 Augment Evokers being mandatory for the next Raid.
  • Mythic+ Potential is also looking good for pushing into Higher Keys
  • Not supposed to replace Healers in M+, but has some good Off Heal Talents for those groups with self healing options
  • Most Likely will be OP thru the rest of Season 2, at which point tuning will occur prior to Season 3.


  • All Races (Except Dracthry) can now be a Warlock
  • New Pet Customizations available at the Barber Shop

Plenty of other small things incoming including of course Class Tuning.

But these were the biggest items to mention at this time.

Hope this is helpfull,


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What do you have to unlock to get the dailies going?

My Evoker is going Augment! So stand beside all you dps if you want to be uber-buffed in the raid :smiley:

Just complete the initial quest chain and that should unlock the dailies