Paprika Powder Mishap

still sleepy preparing my breakfast and barely aware, the amount of paprika powder supposed to go into my soup ended up in my coffee.
curiosity took over and i just added my vanilla soy milk and some cinnamon and … this is a delicious mishap if you are fond of a very slight spicy aftertaste in your coffee. i might let this happen again tomorrow.


Yea…I’ve done that on occasion only I don’t use soy milk, but I do use some cinnamon which tends to take the slight bitter taste that some coffees have. But I use a small bit of paprika for a bit of a kick during the holidays.

I had to experiment with the amounts though to find just the right combo for my taste.


I have not tried paprika (yet), however, I put cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and salt in mine. Very small amounts of the last two!

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spiced coffee and the morning tastes great

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re putting paprika on your steak and it turns out to be cinnamon. Doesn’t taste all that great, at all.

Good news is, you can rinse off the steak, put paprika on it, then back on the fire for a bit, and voila! :grin:


but cinnamon is a good ingredient for the marinade is it not?

:face_vomiting:. That would be a no for me. Chili powder, paprika, pepper, garlic…yum!

Paprika is a wonderfully underappreciated subtle yet enriching spice. The wonders of its capabilities are worthy of endless exploration.


In the same vein: Add a bit of cayenne to your chocolate milk :slight_smile:


variety is the spice of life and peppers have awesome variety.

Boy, there’s a lot of spice in this thread… :rofl:

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and the Spice must flow!!