Pantheon Pledge Rewards Comparison Tool

Hey, guys. I built something for my personal use, but thought it might be of use to others too so I wanted to share.

Basically, I’ve found it frustrating to compare the tiers on the pledge page on the official site. Rewards were listed in a different order, making it difficult to compare pledges at a reward level. And clearly, there are some items not listed that are actually included. This tool puts all rewards on the same row across all pledge packages to make comparison easier.

One of the problems is that there are old and new pledges, and finding the information on the old ones can be hard.

My pledge for instance is not in your list, because it’s from several years ago.

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Good call. I guess my target audience was those who hadn’t yet pledged and were still considering options. But you make a good point. Any idea if the details around the old pledge packages are still available anywhere?

There doesn’t seem to be any official list of the old pledges. They were initially removed because they gave Alpha access, and their quota for Alpha access was filling up.

I found an old screenshot of the “Knight’s Pledge” which I had.

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I don’t know of any listing of the old pledge contents, but you can submit a support ticket to get the details of your old pledge.

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The pledges seem a bit odd to me. I am going to pledge in August or September of 2019 once I have life expenses out of the way for the year and have some money to burn. I am thinking of rht Champion’s Pledge, but I am not really completely satisfied with any of the pledges available. Mostly what I want out of a pledge is Alpha/Beat access, the copy of the game, the buddy code, name reservation, early character creation, extra character slot, 3 months sub, the 5 pledge in-game items (not the Black Rose stuff), name rename vouchers, invite to the Founder’s Conclave and the digital soundtrack. Except nothing in my price range has that combination of stuff in it. You don’t get the soundtrack until you hit the $500 range and I’m not looking to spend that much.

Oh well, just a minor rant. I’ll end up pledging Champ level later this summer/fall.

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Alpha access is already blocked off, so there’s no pledge you can currently do to get Alpha access.

They basically ‘sold out’ of tickets for that (I guess they want to somewhat limit the amount of people in it).

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Well then, I guess I got some time to save up for pledging . :smirk:

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I could be totally wrong and thinking about another game :slight_smile: But that’s what I remembered. I haven’t checked in ages, though. I got a pledge years back which included a bunch of stuff (see earlier in the thread)

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Hmmm, the Champion level pledges on the Pantheon website still list Alpha Access. I think they removed the Knight pledge because it was too good of a deal. I should have got that one when I had the chance.

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That might’ve been what I was thinking off then. I know I have alpha access, even though it’s kinda pointless at this point.


I have to say the pledge system is somewhat confusing to me. Maybe I’m used to Kickstarter where each tier includes the stuff from the previous tier until you get to the limited/unique items. It almost seems to penalize original backers or those who pledged big initially.

Based on everything I have read, you will keep your previous rewards when you upgrade. This is both to protect pledges with no longer available rewards, and to encourage additional spending to increase pledge levels.

That said, if I am willing to pledge $500 and start pledging today I could easily get more free stuff than prior backers. And please tell me if this is not correct…

Initial plegde at Legate ($100) to get basic access and Legate only specials like bag/nameplate/tunic/title.
Then upgrade to Protector ($150) to pick up the general Pantheon Explorer title, Explorer bag, 5 special items, and renaming vouchers.
Then upgrade to Bloodsworn ($200) to add another special title and nameplate along with a shirt.
Then another upgrade to Black Rose ($500) to additionally get yet another unique title, another unique nameplate, and another unique bag along with the other $500 tier stuff.

So basically I would get everything a plegde at Perciever ($500) gets, plus 3 additional titles, 3 additional nameplates, 2 additional outfits, 2 additional bags, a second unique pet, and even a shirt or hat.

Is this really how it works?

Updated with response from support below:
“We are awaiting our new web site and it should have newer pledge offerings that synergize more with the new Bloodsworn and Black Rose pledges. Currently, the items in those pledges are not transferable to other pledges. In the new store, we will have the ability also to add on single pledge reward items as well.”

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Heya @Bedlam,

From what I’ve read in the past, the concern about losing rewards when upgrading was mostly about protecting against changes in the packages themselves.

For a real example: very early on, I think they offered lifetime subscriptions to more than just the $10k folks. They removed that lifetime subscription for new under-$10k pledges at one point, but confirmed that the people who pledged earlier would keep that benefit.

Some pledge rewards like titles and nameplates (and length of free game time for high-end pledges) seem to follow more of an upgrade path. Black Rose gets 3 months of time and Triumverate gets 6. Upgrading from BR to Tri would yield 6 months, not 9.

From the reply you posted, it seems that VR recognized the problem with more unique items like outfits or pets. We’ll have to wait to see how well they handle that part. :slight_smile:

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Just an fyi. Its all in the ToS You will never lose anything you received with your initial pledge level if you upgrade.

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I did ask specifically in my ticket if they had plans to add pledge items to their store on the new web site. I was hoping they weren’t going to make a situation where older pledgers missed out on “newer cool stuff” so I was quite happy with their response. Happy enough I will probably upgrade my pledge this weekend. :grin:

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Great to hear, @Bedlam!

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most might already know but just incase … you can google pantheon rise of the fallen kickstarter to see the initial pledges that carried over to their first and current website before being modified/replaced.

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Good call! Thanks for pointing that out.