P99 Green Server

The P99 Green Server is launching in October. I already have several players committed to switching over but I would love to get a full group if others are interested. We will be playing most evenings around 9pm pst. Our goal is not to level quickly but to explore and go places we don’t know well. To that end we will be starting in Qeynos since it is the starting zone we are least familiar with. Also, if you have any interest in RPing and are willing to RP via Discord, I highly encourage you to contact me. I hope to team up with some OTG members!

Have many adventures! :slight_smile:


I just started on P99 green this past weekend. I’m having a blast! :slight_smile:

For those who aren’t aware of this EverQuest classic emulator (which apparently has Daybreak’s blessing): https://www.project1999.com/