Overwolf and WoW addon Updating

So for those who may have missed it Twitch sold Curseforge back in June of this year. As a result of this addons are no longer supported in Twitch. The new owner Overwolf has rolled out a new updater and it’s in alpha. You can find out more about it here on their site Overwolf. There are other altertnatives to curseforge and you can read about some of them here at Blizzard Watch

This does affect both Classic and Retail .

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Twitch still works as of today. Just updated all my retial stuff to 9.0.1.

Yeah, I don’t think they’ve cut over yet. Supposed to be Soon ™. I know you can still manually pull and install them from Curse, too, and I’m hoping they leave it like that.

There are alternative clients. I’ve used Minion in the past. I’ve seen some people mentioning WoWUp and Singularity.

Overwolf has been doing some sabre rattling about going after clients that pull data from their site, so who knows what’ll happen eventually.

Wow… Talk about hypocrisy! Hahahaha.

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I uninstalled OverWolf addon manager within a couple of days from installing it. I hated it. It felt intrusive and overly nosey, and if there is something I dislike its anything that pokes its nose in my business without my asking it to.

Today I updated my addons using WowUp and got this:

CurseForge Migration

Soon CurseForge will be blocking WowUp from being able to update your addons.

I am not happy about this. Overwolf is acting like a monopoly who wants to take over your business and is obnoxious in the extreme.

If anyone has any suggestions to offer for using something to update my addons without using Overwolf, I would appreciate it.

Overwolf (Overlord) is your friend…nothing to see here…move along…

In all seriousness, its a business. Anything “free” isn’t really free. Someone has figured out how to monetize it.

I don’t blame Overwolf for stopping Wowup, they purchased Curseforge and that investment will be protected.

I do hope that the UI improvements in 10.0 can lead to the need for less addons being installed.

This is exactly what I have been hoping too. I’ve consistently been sending in “suggestions” on how I think they could improve upon their basic WoW ui over these past few years. Now hopefully we shall see some really good movement on this.

I see what you did there… :rofl: :joy:

Minion uses a different source website for WoW addons. You might not find all of them there, but from what I’ve seen a fair number of mod authors are moving over.

It uses WowInterface for their mod repository, which is a website that’s still around without having been taken over by any of the bigger players (intentionally so).

Their only goal is to provide addons for a number of games.

wowup pulls from the same source as minion…lol