Overwhelmed by character gen

OK I want to try this game again (I played once a long time ago). I am very intimidated by the character creation and can’t even get past that. Any tips on how to just get started. Thanks!

The best way is to choose your faction first. Federation seems to have the most members. Then put in an invite into the general games invites for access to the guild bases.


Go fed with first char.

First question you should ask is what you will want to get out of the game. What I mean is do you want a good storyline? If so IMO Romulan path is done really well. Federation (normal timeline) and even the Klingon story has been revamped. The great thing about this event (assuming you go through the arcs in order) is all story driven which if you are a treky should enamor you o the game.

Second is what role you want to play during the missions and eventually at endgame. Basically it is broken down like this. Science officers are the casters in the game. They have the most skills catered to do what is called ‘exotic’ damage in the game and are the healers for the group. Also known as space magic. Engineers are the tanks and have skills to cater to such a role. And finally your safe bet is tactical. Your captain is geared to do damage and honestly the majority of the community is tactical. That is not to say you cannot burn this less as a sci or eng but you do have more skills to out perform that as that is what the role is intended for.

The race is fluff and IMO purely for roleplay purposes. If you are doubt of what race to use, go alien. Why? Alien gives an extra trait slot. That means at endgame humans/klingons/romulan have a total of 9 space and 9 ground traits while an alien has 10 space and 10 ground traits. The other races have specific neat traits exclusive to them but IMO having an extra slot is better in the long run.