Overwatch in my drunk state

I find I play overwatch more when I’m drinking at night, so it’s always better to have a team of people I know. How many of you are on often? I just joined the guild and I’m looking for some good people to play a little late night fun!

I’m central time and usually on about 10 pm.

Heya, Joe. With my limited free time, I only play two games regularly anymore these days… Rocket League and Overwatch. Happy to join you for some Overwatch games whenever I can. Feel free to add me (Meeks#1496). Fair warning, I recently went back to school and have been pretty busy with that most nights so there’s a good chance you’ll get a “sorry, can’t tonight” from me. But if I can spare the time, I’d love to join you. I’m mountain time and typically play somewhere between 9pm and 12am (and often while I’m drinking too, so don’t hold my gameplay against me). Cheers!

You have been invited, sir! Look forward to it!!

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