Over and under

So who wants to take a bet when the game will be released to the public?

Summer of 2021

Good question, @phlor!

I think Summer '21 is a good target. I’m hoping for a little sooner, perhaps Winter '20 or even Spring '21.

I saw a Twitter post from BazgrimTV saying that CohhCarnage mentioned having another Pantheon stream in the next few weeks. I’m really interested to see what milestone Visionary Realms might be looking to highlight with that sort of publicity. That might tell us if we’re getting closer to Alpha! :slight_smile:

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My super-SWAG…

I think there will likely be a few more pre-alpha test runs in late summer '19; then…
Faerthale+ Alpha starting: 1Q - 2Q20. (calendar year)
Faerthale+ Beta starting late 4Q20
Release with initial zones sometime May 2021 (summer '21 release is my guess)

I like your guess, @Eldryn

They’ve made good progress, but there’s still a lot to do before opening things up further. If we get this Spring/Summer '21, I’ll be pretty happy.

I’m thinking early '21. Still hoping PA5 starts this summer.

Well if Brad holds true to his thinking, I would say Alpha will start sometime round the end of summer and beta sometime around to the holidays, going on till spring for a summer release in 2020. Just in time for all the school kids to play .

Indications are that there are at least two more PA sessions. I would be amazed if Alpha begins before the end of the year. Although, I would really like to be wrong. :slight_smile: