Outlaws of the Old West

I will check it out.

I’m in.

I’m trying it out on Outlaw Official #18 US West PVE, Map square 11.13

Cormac mac Morna

Has anyone else gotten into this one yet? Seems to be more playable after some updates; I’m looking for a decent server with some decent people. :slight_smile:

Currently on US PVE East #8 - #18 was WAY laggy for me.

I have been playing this since it came out in Early Access on March 12. There are many bugs, though they seem to be fewer on Official servers than on those run privately. RP servers seem to have more to offer in terms of continued interest than PVE servers. I’d like to see OTG adopt a server for us to play on. Finding a server with low Ping can affect how much lag you have.

See https://store.steampowered.com/app/840800/Outlaws_of_the_Old_West/

Agreed. I am on Official PVE East #8 now, ping doesn’t get much above 44 for me, so its nice and smooth.

The game is a challenge alone, though…I’m with you, I’d like to see us grab a server and start a chapter. I’d be willing to throw in for server costs as well.

I, too, have switched to Official PVE East #8, character name of Borden Chantry. I like the ORR (offline raiding restriction) that some servers offer (with PVP component) if there are dedicated role players who won’t shoot you down in your pajamas or without any role play, but there are enough hazards - bandits, wolves, bears - in the PVE versions to keep one alert.