OTGeegling Resurrections

Looking for some feedback from anyone who has or hasn’t seen it.

I’m excited, I watched all the trailers three times and then lost count after that many Manhattans. All I remember after that is waking up feeling like I just woke up in my pod. Whoa. The reviews look good, my interest is piqued, but alas I am torn by the conflict within me.

Difficult times mean difficult choices and this one is too important for me to decide alone. So I tip another Manhattan and prostate myself in submission before the altar of OTGeegle seeking the wisdom and knowledge of all ages over 25.

  1. Should I equip the mask and whip out the vaccination papers to run out and spend $40 in the theater eating popcorn and whoppers until my stomach feels like a pod I just woke up in knowing I’ve helped the economy in some small insignificant way by contributing to the sticky floors with my spillage that someone must be paid to clean up?

  2. Or should I wait until I can buy it used on dvd so I can be couched at home, naked faced and undocumented, drinking top shelf Manhattans until I feel like I just woke up in my pod again knowing that I am the primary if not sole or maybe just primal beneficiary of what few and ever more worthless dollars I have to spend?

  3. Any other kernels, nuggets or bits of wisdom about how I should approach indulging in this singularly momentous event?

…or sign up for one month of HBO Max and watch it that way. Which is to say it is an alternative to option 2.


Or, see it in a theater during a cheap matinee on a weekday when there will be fewer people. Also, eat a big meal before you go - don’t buy food there and save your cash (and digestive system).


We watched via HBO. The message of the story is great, and watching it in my living room did the movie justice. A big screen wasn’t needed, IMHO.

Agree with @Ryukan and @ribbit. Save your money (with a month sub to HBO you can watch other things) and your digestive system.


just watch it whenever you can, it seems like you will love it, eventually, but is a polarizing movie. love it, hate it

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If you haven’t in a long time… watch 1 and 3 first. Otherwise, HBO Max at home was fine.

PS - there is no guarantee that anything will ever get to dvd… streaming, yes, but dvd? Probably not.

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PS: Switch to Old Fashioneds. :tropical_drink:


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I did the HBO route. I also re-watched 1, 2, and 3 beforehand. But I haven’t been inside a movie theatre for two years.

Good point. I hadn’t realized films were no longer automatically going to DVD after a certain time.

In this case, though, they have such a lovely chance to market a new box set. I think they will release the DVD eventually to recoup their losses. Followed by a “special” box set, with “special” interviews and such.

Time will tell. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I listened to a very detail break down of the movie. I’d save your money, time, and all of that.

In short the person who watched the movie titled it: Matrix Regurgitations lol

I can’t wait to see it… well I can wait but I look forward to seeing how/what they’ve done to the storyline


Thanks for all the awesome feedback! OTGeegle pwns goo gull again.

@Hashberry I love Old Fashioneds and thanks for putting my post in its proper place! I am quite literally moved.

@juulz Believe it or not the DvD release is already scheduled for April. Used DvD should be available shortly after and I’m predicting the globally adjusted geometrical average price to be $10.67 (including 6% Idaho sales tax). But we’ll just have to wait three months to see if I’m right… (SSPS I’ve already watched the trilogy three times through since October)*

@Ryukan @Mid @Aerythe HBO Max is a good deal and it has utterly destroyed box office turnout so they’ve said they won’t be doing that anymore in 2022. But their streaming of Resurrections ends on January 21st and I don’t really have time to take in all the other content so I prefer not to get stuck in that time sink trap when I can own it to watch offline forever (or at least until the machines take over).

@ribbit Matinee is another good idea but once I enter the theater the decision has already been made, popcorn and Whoppers are inevitable. (SSPS I usually buy the Whoppers and smuggle them in. $1 at Walmart vs $8 in the theater means I can smuggle in up to 8 boxes thereby maximizing my contribution the janitor’s job security.)*

@vanster @tpsabre I think you hit it on the nose. Reviews are mixed (which isn’t bad), box office numbers are foobar and HBO doesn’t have a reliable metric for turnout since many were already subscribed and others may have signed up for other content. So it’s hard to say for sure but most of the controversy seems to revolve around the resurrection story mechanics being a little wonky. But, I think I will enjoy seeing Neo and Trinity together again so long as there is good dialogue and story line to follow along with the usual high caliber production quality, choreography and stunt work the sequels maintained from the innovative standard set by The Matrix.

But you’ll all just have to wait another three months for my review!

On a side note, it looks like Moss might join Reeves in a future John Wick flick. That looks promisingly interesting.

Time to have another Old Fashioned and raise a toast to the good health and fathomless wisdom of OTGeegle.

Here’s my new OTGeegle inspired recipe.

Old Fashioned Whopper:

2oz bourbon of choice
1 teaspoon hot water
1 chocolate covered malt ball = to about one tspn when crushed
1-2 dashes orange bitters
Ice cubes
Maraschino Cherry, Orange Peel, or Orange Slice

Crush chocolate covered malt ball well (until it looks like dust from the desert of the real). Don’t worry if the chocolate sticks to the muddler.
Add hot water and muddle. Microwave 10 seconds on high and muddle more. Repeat as necessary until chocolate coating is well dissolved.
Add bitters to taste.
Add bourbon of choice.
Add ice cubes.
Add garnish of choice.

The Whopper’s malt mellows the flavors a hint and the coating adds just a subtle note of chocolate. It’s not quite as sweet as made with a teaspoon sugar so you can add another malt ball or 1/2 tspn sugar, to sweeten to taste. (You might need a 1/2-1 tspn more hot water if increasing those dry ingredients)

Cheers and Happy New Year!

*SSPS = Super Secret Postscript