OTG VTT Obitiuaries

So last week I (as the GM/DM host of a VTT game) killed my first character in a very long time. I’m sad.

That’s not exactly true. The long time part, not the sad part. I’m sad. Last summer I had a full TPK that I’m partially responsible for since I didn’t like the adventure I was running. But I hate everything, so that’s no surprise.


Here’s a thread for DM/GMs (or players if they want) to post obits of the of the characters who have died bravely in service to the VTT RPG gods.

Campaign: PF2 - Hell’s Rebels adventure path (Link)
DM/GM: @Rando


  • Pandora - Tiefling Fighter 1
  • Zabrax - Kobold Sorcerer 1
  • Fijit - Gnome Bard 1 (and Nishra, Bush Baby familiar)
  • Zelinar - Dwarf Fighter 1
  • GingeeBlue - Half-Elf Rogue 1
  • Torvad Sarini - Human Investigator 1

Cause: Engaged a large group of Chelish Citizen’s Group thugs in a cul-de-sac/dark alley by running in and engaging them one at a time. Then the GM (who hated the story of the campaign) gave the bad guys preternatural awareness of the party composition and granted them amazing coordinated tactical precision to overcome the party in quick succession.

Result: Full TPK. Campaign ended.


Campaign: PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Link)
DM/GM: @Rando
Player(s): @Mithinar

Character(s): Malinar - Dwarf Champion 2

Cause: Tanking a scary overpowered undead dwarf whilst already having the Wounded 2 condition. Got critted by said scary overpowered undead dwarf and thusly ended up Dying 4 and automatically dead.

Result: Party finished the combat (barely), escaped back to town and got Malinar raised from the dead. Malinar will be blessed with all sorts of negative conditions for the next week as a result of the raise and will be (temporarily?) replaced when the party recruits a new member from the recently ended Shieldmeet festival that’s wrapping up in Shadowdale.

Wow, that’s a harsh one.

To be completely fair. Our dice rolls where abysmal. Yours where HOT. IT was a sign of the VTTRPG Gods that they concurred with you hating the campaign.


What makes this even worse though was bad inits. I was standing 10 feet away with the wounded 2 condition on. He does an AOE ability as his first action and he critted me on that. So I never even got to do anything at all during the combat. Then got to sit back and watch the others battle for I’m going to say a little over 2ish hours as they try to overcome him. Again the parties dice rolls where in the pits most of the battle.


Hmmmmm. Need one here for the team of Shadowrunners who bought it in a traffic accident. @Vulreyn

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Airwall for the win!!! That one I limped away from!! Muhahahahaha

Hmmm… I seem to be involved with everyone thats been mentioned… I wonder if that is a sign…


Campaign: PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Link)
DM/GM: @Rando


  • GingeeBlue - Half-Elf Rogue 3
  • Torvad Sarini - Human Swashbuckler 3

Cause: Fight in the library in the main keep of Castle Krag with an elven wizard and her entourage. 13 rounds of actions saw mutliple party members ping-ponging up and down. Finally both GingeeBlue and Torvad Sarini were Wounded 2 and were critted (two separate attacks) by the last bad guy standing (the elven wizard) and thus both brought to Dying 4 and were out right dead.

Result: Party finished the combat (barely), and were left picking up the pieces of what happened in the library.
What happens next? Stay tuned!