OTG on Kaladim?

Greetings !

Ive heard about Kaladim server only recently and since EQ2 is one of my favorite MMO I’d thought I give it a try.
Question is, do we have an OTG Chapter on Kaladim ? I’d love to join a Guild, starting with OTG :wink:



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Hi, @Syn! The only OTG members on Kaladim (as far as I know) have belonged to Court of the Blood Rose. Court has active members at all levels, and you can choose whether or not to RP as it is not required.

Contact any member of Court and tell them Aska sent you. :wink:

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Thank you for your reply, @Rosyposy ! I joined The Court last night (char name is Saga).

Hope to meet some OTG members in game !

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Grand adventures await! :slight_smile:


@Decebal, are you playing on Kaladim? If so, what’s your character name and why aren’t you in Court of the Blood Rose?! :wink:

That’s a negative… just getting excited vicariously. :slight_smile: