OTG New World Tank Notes

New World Online Tank Notes

I, Bullvyyn, being of sound mind and old body have willingly taken up the shield and do herby offer these notes on scenarios that OTG and her members may encounter and hold that knowing and following these guidelines may reduce death counts among our ranks. This is not an Expedition guide as those are available elsewhere and frankly not my area of expertise. It is also not a gear guide, rotation guide or set of orders to follow, just simply notes that we can accumulate as tactics / responses that will smooth out performance, quicken encounters, reduce recovery time, and assure that each OTG charge under the shield of the tank will have the best experience possible.

Please note that Bullvyyn attempts to incorporate these thoughts but fails from time to time and is working on the main factor can promote success, communication. I am a quiet worker but will attempt to call targets and such but noting this deficiency I apologize in advance.

Feel free to call me out on it and in the spirit of this being a helping document add or correct anything you can! I would love for all OTG to contribute and improve our tanks. (Healers and DPS feel free to create your own notes!)

Remember there is the Right Way, the Wrong Way, The Commonly Accepted Way, The OTG Way and the Way We Are Doing it. I am interested in the OTG Way……and making it a success.

Corruption Portals:

  1. Minor portals, in the event of a tentacle allow the tank to engage first or do not be the first one on scene if you are squishy or think getting knocked down is suboptimal for you.
  2. Major portals, all about taking out the casters. Acolytes must die! When there is one tank we work our way around the portal clockwise from Acolyte to Acolyte. Be careful on the angle you take to the fight as you may pick up attention of mobs if you do not come in at a right angle versus a sweeping arc that engages multiple mobs.
  3. When a mobs AI attempts to force the fight near the edge of the portal you can lose credit if you follow them too far. Efforts to push the mob back in towards the center by setting up melee pushers on the clear side of the mob will ensure everyone gets credit and that the tank and healers aren’t too far from the next fight as the wandering mob dies.
  4. On the way to major portals it never fails that buffalo, wolves, cats, goats and stag knock people down like dominos. This sometimes occurs at an inopportune time and these should be dispatched as quickly as possible. If the tank engages them, they are not on the mobs that need tanking, BBQ them as possible.
  5. If you are being harassed by a mob take it to the fight that the tank is engaged with for a direct or AOE taunt. Running away potentially leads to two bad things, it takes you off the mob we are needing killed and it may pull a healer from the main fight to you as a rescue. We have so many AOE damagers that it will die fast enough if brought to the right area. If it is a ranged mob or caster running towards the tank is always acceptable.
  6. For major portals with multiple tanks we rarely have issues so that requires no comment but with single tanks at majors the above can smooth out the encounter.

Chest Runs:

  1. Stay with the herd, that enticing chest over there behind that rock may just get you slowed down enough to lose protection of numbers. In this scenario we are all Gazelle’s and there are Lions stalking us and you do not want to appear weak or an easy target. The elite chest are the important one’s and missing a supply chest is better than being cold, alone and dead.
  2. That PVP flagged or competing faction player you are going to race to the precious may just run you in to an Enforcer or worse and get you killed which will for sure make that player laugh at you for falling for their trap.
  3. On chest runs the tank will likely be wrapping up a fight or looting an elite chest as you speedily make your way forward, when you are exposed, a healer will heal you which will potentially get them killed if a tank is not on the scene. If the player in the back cannot see the player in the front of the herd tighten it up, an extra 30 seconds on a run looks and feels better than having to recover the dead or missing out on boss fights.

Special Circumstances:

  1. Certain people are seemingly more susceptible to Bears and Buffalo, as a tank take note of all bears and buffalo and depending on your current mindset and sense of duty take appropriate action.
  2. Orichalcum nodes cause all normal mental functions to cease in OTG members and as a tank when people are missing this is a good place to look for them. Note that as a tank you will never loot these.
  3. As the run or encounter is starting there will be a member of OTG ask where we are meeting, this will cause our protective and helpful members guide them to the correct location and run down the timer on your food, buffs items etc. As a tank ignore this unless it is a healer or your significant other, in those instances it is best to fake concern and be patient.
  4. Step away from the tent. Tanks should not stand near the tent or risk getting yelled at by OTG members.
  5. OTG is a more mature crowd and thus has an inordinate population of older members than the average group. As a tank know that when someone states they are AFK they are likely going to the bathroom and will not be a “sec” or “moment” but usually a protracted event where a game disconnect is possible. As a tank know that a stationary and non-responsive member may mean they are experiencing a AFR (accidental fecal release) or have lost their glasses or have fallen out of their chair. You can ignore this as a tank and proceed as their privacy is our primary concern.
  6. When looking for a tank there are a couple of good options for locating them. Usually they are near the boss mob or standing in a green circle which may or may not be near the boss mob. As stated above they will not be near the mining nodes. If truly unable to find the tank it is likely YOU are in the wrong zone, teleport immediately.
  7. Tanks are psychic so it is not necessary to call out important issues or inform them when you have lag detected (another code word for /afk bio).


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@Bullvyyn I love this! Great job!

Corruption Portals:
7. For most portals the big bad spawns near the portal itself, as a tank be prepared for this and be conscious of having a taunt available as these enemies typically spawn with a xenophobic hate for healers; non tanks who might be susceptible to being face planted by very large weapons should be mindful and not stand immediately near the portal proper.

Chest Runs:
4. As that many of our number have trouble remembering what day it is try to stay consistent in your pattern of movement through these areas. Reinforced patterns help with memory retention. Changes to the regular and established route may be met with pushback and can results in nausea, fatigue, confusion and in some cases certain outrage. Some members when left more than 15m from the head of a zerg will begin walking in a random direction which randomly changes every 8 seconds.

Special Circumstances:
8. If you are having trouble finding a group as a tank, reset and reassign your attribute points (respec), get your dps gear out of the bank, be sure to put your tank gear in the bank and apply all your dps consumables and head to your favorite remote farming location (at least 500 azoth in travel away) - upon arrival but before actually farming a single item you should have at least 1 if not 3 requests to go tank something.

Umm this is awesome…

Whats a shield?

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Well said, well written, humorous and actually useful.

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