OTG New World Company Consolidation


In recent months we have had a drastic decline in our active player population. New World has a limit of company size of 100, and there is no custom channel communication to allow intra company chat.

Currently on the server the company with the most bank coffer is Adoman’s company Omega.

I’m proposing culling Omega company member listing for inactive players 20+ days so that Adoman can add the active players from the other 3 companies. Looking at the current listing that would remove @39 players from an almost full company and allow the “active” players to come over to Omega.

Leaving a cushion of 5 or so players from the cap for the flux of returning players, and the continual culling of the inactive players in Omega at the 20 day mark.

This has been discussed multiple times among active players and it would benefit using company chat for the active players, even those that don’t use discord.

Thanks for the consideration.
Muuhut aka Phingers

I support this proposal.

It seems that in the past few weeks the OTG members that play on a regular basis have dwindled and those left would benefit from a common company chat. There are some members that have come to play with friends and need the type of assistance that many of us have had the good fortune to enjoy.

There are a few of those who have taken an unofficial lead role in trying to maintain interest and progression who would make very good consuls to assist in the company duties.

I agree with this as well. Also, we definitely need a few people who play every day elevated to have the ability to manage the company on a day to day basis.


I been waiting to see if this would happen. Think it’s a good idea for all the guilds.

I also support this proposal.
I am currently in Gamma and we have had similar discussions among the active player base. From what I have heard, I believe consolidating the companies would be positively received.

I also agree that we should consolidate down to one company. If the current leadership wished, I would buy a second account for New World and keep an alternate company open. Or, I could leave Matins in the second company. I keep Discord up and check the forums often. I would not have much trouble keeping the lights on and having fun with the rest of OTG in New World.

I agree with everything being proposed here. I’ve presented this same idea in direct messages to Santiago less than a month ago but haven’t really seen any movement on it. I do think this is something we need to act on sooner than later.

I support this. I understand real life happens at times, but if you are gone for an extended period with no contact or letting everyone know, it just seems inevitable…

Bull and I agree with this proposal also. I am on every day and we both try to be on every night after he gets home from work. We need to make the Company strong and be able to communicate with the other also. Count us in.

Sounds good to me…I’m in support of this change

I’m in. As someone else pointed out, the leadership in the game needs to be on at least a couple times a week and make one of the week’s events.

I agree as well. I was a NCO in ESO, and would be willing to be that in NW. I am online most all days for at least a couple of hours.

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I would also like to see this happen.

I am on Board

Sounds great, who needs to agree to actually make it happen?


I spent some time last night with several other members in other companies looking at the current demographics across our three companies. It looks like across all three, if we only look at players active in 20 days we have roughly 120 members meeting that criteria. At face value, this quickly makes it impossible to consolidate to one company.

We didn’t look at other activity cutoffs since 20 days is kind of aggressive for OTG culture historically. 30 days seems to be a fairly common activity requirement looking at other chapters. However, the 100 member limit in New World is rather small in comparison to what is allowed in most other games.

One thing that stood out was that of the members in my company that were active in the last 20 days - half those were people whom I don’t know at all and have never interacted with or seen online. The same was true of members in the other companies according to other members in those respective companies.

I’m not sure where that leaves us just wanted to share my findings as I continue to mull this over in my own head.

I’m not surprised that some members of OTG are running silent and deep. I’ve had that experience myself. I think if we consolidate around the 120 members, we might want to consider splitting the crowd unevenly. 90 to the main company. 30 to a secondary company. That would allow some room to shift people a bit and provide good support. I would volunteer for the short company.

I support consolidation in just about any flavor

An idea I had that I am not sure how it would work is designating a particular company as a PVE-Events company.

Basically it’s for individuals who are or want to participate in PVE group activities in OTG. Activities that generally require discord and organization anyways. Allow members to request invites to that chapter and just have a designated activity requirement of being on within X amount of days to stay in that company. If someone is removed for inactivity send them an offline invite to the other company or have them request an invite when they come back.

This would be some what similar to how we originally had companies setup. Two companies with the actives spread across two doesn’t necessarily solve the problem we’re trying to solve of being able to communicate in company to be able to find people for PVE stuff. The folks who run deep and silent likely wouldn’t care if what company they are in so they can stay in their existing ones or be consolidated down into a “social” company.
Just an idea throwing it out there.