OTG Member "Who" hits #3 DK Tank rank in NA

My son got his Death Knight tank to the #3 rank in North America last night. Feels like gamer graduation day! Tears are welling up…

He was chasing the achievement of getting Mythic Plus rank 15 in all content before the next raid tier drops. Happened last night. Picture is a screen grab of it, since rankings are ephemeral. He says this is about as high as we can go since Mythic raids are by server, and our server is not that aggressive in raid content.

So if you need a tank in a tough situation, hit him up…Who.


Proud Papa!!! Grats to Who!

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Wow…just wow…that is fantastic

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Totally awesome ~ congratulations! ! ! !

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How very cool! Gratz!

That is AMAZING ! congratz to him.

:boom: :grin:

You have every right to feel proud of your son’s achievements. Its a parent’s icing on the cake so to speak!

Please extend my congratulations to him …I seem to miss seeing him in the game most of the time or I would yell it out in guild chat myself.!!