OTG Member Roster, Access Levels (Alpha, Beta, ...)

(For guild leader info and coordination)

Although I am in the current Pre-Alpha, I have Alpha 3 access.
My username is MisterBunny.

I’m in whatever the access level is that has let me play for the last few years. And I have far too many houses, mounts, and other crap. :smiley:

Gold Patron, have access but have not dived back into the pre-alpha in some time.

Alpha access 99 tier forget name.

Like the game will play it more once wipes are removed later down the road.

Alpha blah blah blah- have been playing a bit on/ off- between other games- will keep an eye on it as we get closer- agree that I’ll have more fun without the wipes-

Going to be 2 years I think before we have anything playable.

How is the game going? I keep hovering over the Patron (or perhaps Pioneer) package and end up stopping myself. How fun is the play now? Not too worried about wipes, or changes, just am curious is there enough to do now or it still pretty empty?

There’s really not much to ‘play’ yet. They have a playable world, but it’s not all together yet. They’re still changing things around as well (which is why the release keeps getting postponed :slight_smile:

To be honest, there’s currently not much of ‘a game’ yet. A fair amount of separate pieces, though, which for me still promise to be fun to play.

It does look fun to play and I have to admit despite being being a partially done jigsaw of a game I still semi-tempted to at least dip my toes into it. However, I know that I won’t pony up $80+ to ensure that I get into Beta 1 when it is a full game so that is one big deterrent.


Yeah, I was one of the very early backers, before they changed all the backer levels, shops, and god knows what else.

I really enjoy the game, the graphics are great in a sort of funny cartoony way (the hamster is fantastic to play), and it really runs quite smoothly.

I can build like half a village and 2 guild castles or something stupid because of the time I started backing and there’s a lot of progress.

I’m hoping that what I’m seeing actually bears out, and that there’s something there for both the PvP people and the care bears (of which I’m definitely one :slight_smile: )

The fact you basically get to design your own little corner of a kingdom is something that I find different and interesting enough to not make me regret having backed that early.

Edit: Another thing I really like is that all equipment wears out. And it’s pretty hard to make really good high level equipment. So that pretty much guarantees that the crafting side of the game will stay alive and well. For PvP outings, depending on how important, you might want to wear your high end gear. For exploring, not so much.

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Thanks for all that. I’ve watched a few videos this week and it seems interesting. I’m sure I’ll be buying at least the lowest tier and checking it out soon.

Yep, no idea who I was kidding … game is downloading now … :slight_smile:

Amber patron, pre-alpha access, username is Jaazer.

Alpha Group 2, username: paganwarrior.

Is anyone still participating?

lol- here we are 2+ years later- and still waiting on something… I hop on occasionally but not with any focus

Had high hopes for this one at one time. While it’s not dead, it’s not particularly healthy either.

I somewhat disagree. There’s been slow but steady progress across the board. More classes, more optimization, additional races. Might need another 2 years, but I have more faith in this releasing properly than many of the other Kickstarters I helped fund.

I agree with Splutty. This one is playable and there is constant movement forward. It will definitely come out.

I couldn’t believe a YouTube video reviewing upcoming games a while back that thought Crowfall doubtful but gave high praise to Chronicles of Elyria which had little to show, not playable, etc.

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Youtube will be Youtube :smiley:

I did the Kickstarter back in 2015, but just the basic package so I was a Beta access. Looks like my Crowfall account name is Falkenstein. I’m not sure how active I will be, I would be interested in joining OTG, of course. :+1:

I backed it primarily due to I thought they had a nifty idea with the seasonal approach, with persistent “housing”, and the art style looked interesting, to me. I still don’t know how much fun it will be to play, heh! :sunglasses: