OTG in game get together REDUX 11/2/2019

Let’s try again!

I know this is still short notice but since we had a bit of trouble connecting to each other last night it was requested that we try again during the Free Flight.

So Saturday Nov 2 we will have another attempt to get together in game.

Please respond with the time option that works best for you:

Option 1 – 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
Option 2 – 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
Option 3 – 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific
Option 4 – 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific
Option 5 – 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

I will probably make myself available at most of those times to at least invite folks into the OTG channel.
Let me know if you plan to attend and what time you think you can make it.

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Let’s get together!
Tonight, 7pm central (5pm pacific, 8pm eastern) we can meet up at Levski on Dalamar.

It is a short hop from Port Olisar and a bit less crowded.

There we can all join the new OTG chat channel, which persists between log ins. This will be an easy way to connect with other OTG members anytime you log in, and it works across servers too.

Once we have a group of folks all gathered up at Levski we can plan some missions to share.

Hope to see everyone in game to celebrate the Free Flight week, and a spooky night of Star Citizen!

SIlly question… How do we find each other? Heading there from AC now.

Sorry should have mentioned…get together in Discord and I will do invites from the main screen then launch us all into the same instance

Are you guys running in a different discord channel? Cause I don’t see anyone there.

Any chance this might be done again today too, or is the fee fly over?

Free fly should be through the weekend but I need to double check.
But we can certainly try again tonight for anyone who can make it. I will post more details soon

Confirmed Free Fly through Nov 3

See main post edit

I’m planning on being on in the evening 7pm pacific.

Hopefully I’ll see some folks on!

Darn time zone difference makes this a bit challenging for UK players…thats 12pm for me. I will be half man half pillow at that time of the night.

The thruster on my ships on my accounts won’t work anymore (since the last time–a while ago–I was in game). It’s not my Saitek X52; I checked. Doesn’t seem to move forward using the keyboard either. :frowning:

Did you claim the ships? This was supposed to be fixed in the latest hotfix patch where they reset all accounts.

Yeah sorry.
It is always hard to coordinate across continents.
I am central US time myself so these range from noon to 9pm for me, and I will try and be around for each

Seems like max speed of 1 is a bug others have experienced. (Reclaiming, respawning not fixing, …). I’ll wait for a patch to reset and fix it.

Going to sound odd, but hit the V key. Its the one where you can fly in one direction while moving the ship in all axis.

Also if you are flying a ship with vtol I believe J will release those to allow for forward flight.

But there is indeed a bug when you reclaim a ship in certain situations which will result in broken/bugged components like thrusters or power supplies.

Thanks for the suggestions, but still just goes from 0 to 1.

Have you tried swapping out any/all of the core components?
Power, Shields, QT Drive, Coolers, etc

Okay, must have happened when they introduced the speed limiter. The wheel on top of the Thruster apparently controls that and was at one end–the max 1 end. Twisting it made things back to normal.

YAY! grats