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How will we join the OTG guild in Lost Ark?

Kinda complicated as far as I can tell. What’s the initial limit…30? But then leveling the guild gives you more slots?
That’s a neat concept, but new to me…dunno what I’d do. But I DO know that if you have some ideas, OTG in general, and @Nordh in particular, would appreciate hearing them. Game launches are tough. :smiley:

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The info is in the pinned messages in our Discord channel for Lost Ark.

Thanks, @ribbit! I’d still recommend keeping a close eye on these forums and Discord, as things change quickly with new games and we’ll be adjusting on the fly. :smiley:

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I could not find it as navigating through Discord conversations are messy at best. Can someone post this information here on the OTG forums. The organization of any OTG guild in Lost Ark seems minimal or sporadic. I am not sure what OTG is actually doing or planning to do, but maybe I just have not found the information yet.

Benbrada (GG CL) — 01/15/2022
The current planned OTG support for “Lost Ark” will be managed and run by General Games (GG) as a “General Games game”. GG CL @Benbrada (GG CL) will create the guild on launch.

Day to day management will be led by @Nordh (Lost Ark Lead) who will act as NCO (thanks Nordh you da man!). We initially have plenty of GG Officers / Admins who will be able to help with tasks/invites as we ramp up including @Viking (GG XO) , @Cefwyn and any others I’m not remembering who will play, e.g. @Finbar (GG CO) , @RanterX (GG CO/UX CO)

Initially we are limited to 30 members on opening day but will level the guild and can get as high as 100 members in one guild. So please be patient on invites. The best way to get invited is to post a request in our Discourse forum here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/c/gg/gg-in-game-invites/94

It helps us keep the craziness straight plus allows any officer to see who needs an invite.

Managed as a “General Games game” simply means that “Lost Ark” is not a chapter and there are no officers assigned to hospitality, events, etc. We can institute NCOs for those type of roles if desired but these kinds of activities & things are left up to the members to coordinate.

Thanks! ~ Benbrada, Viking & Nordh

pinned messages can be located at the top of the discord page right next to the search bar by clicking on the pin icon

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I have a guild related question myself I’m just going to post here instead of starting a new topic, hopefully help keep the topic page clean.

Do we have to be level 50 before we’re able to do guild missions or are there lower level ones? Also do we have more than the 30 member initial cap that have bought the 3 day head start? Just trying to figure out if I should power level asap to help level up the guild come launch. I have the entire launch week off so I could probably provide quite a bit of help with the missions…once I figure out what I’m doing anyway.

Each channel in Discord has it’s own Pinned Messages. It’s a place for the staff to post important information about the channel so that it’s easy for anyone to find, however many times they need to see it. I’m glad Darthaden pointed out to you how to find them. I hope knowing where they are makes things easier for you. OTG functions more in Discord than on the forums now. I resisted using Discord for a long time, but after getting used to it (which didn’t take very long, and I’m a slow learner), I find it to be easy and fun to use. I hope you have a similar experience.

The “Pin” icon looks like a thumbtack, if that helps :slight_smile:

As an addendum… as we get near to head start we will open a chat channel for invites under GG-AARPGS, e.g. invites-lost-ark, and use this at least initially.

For reference, here is a direct link to the message pinned in our OTG Lost Ark channel: Discord

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot. Hope this helps others understand where to find ‘pins’ in Discord. :slight_smile:

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It was pinned here in this category a couple of weeks ago. I placed a link to it in the Chapter Information Secion for reference.