OTG Friends in game

I used the OTG doc and added everyone as a friend. Yet only a few took. Is that a bug, do folks have to be logged in to accept? Also using friends to sync servers so you can give stuff to inventory mules is great. (leave your stuff in a container, switch chars, then pick it up).

The social menu is buggy. I think friend requests also time out. So if you don’t notice the notifications then it just times out. The best way is to jump into Discord and tell people you have sent them an invite.

I’m not sure if the friend requests time out as Finbar indicated, or if they simply don’t appear on screen when someone who was offline logs in and checks. I’ve had a few friend requests that were added immediately when the other person showed as offline, which lead me to think they must have sent one to me first, but I didn’t see it, but when I sent one in return the client took that as an accept. Or something. It’s … weird.

There are strange things happening with the social tab and friend requests, we’re just not sure on the specifics. I’ve gotten a few messages saying I have a friend request, but when I get to the social tab there’s nothing there. But every now and then when I go to check it, I see a greyed out name for a split second and then it disappears. One of these days I’ll be quick enough to screenshot it before it’s gone.

I’m waiting until things get a bit more stable with the social menu before trying to add people from the guild, since I don’t know if a buggy friends list now will effect things down the road. So for now I’m just role playing the cool brooding lone wanderer guy lol.

That’s a pretty good idea for transferring things to other characters on the same account! Reminds me of how we used to do things back in UO.

Yeah, last night Volbeater and I lost our friend setup we had. Trying to re-establish it was a waste of time, we’d each send invites, the other would never get them.

I think back, fondly, to the launching of Elder Scrolls Online. When I see problems with Fallout 76’s launch, I recall all the problems we had back then in ESO. Trying to get on the same ESO sever as your other teammates was a disaster. Fallout has been extremely reliable in doing that.