OTG Exclusively PC Now?

I posted recently asking for some console gaming advice. The post got no replies. Even though I haven’t been active in the guild for a while, that’s so unlike my experience with OTG. I’m just curious…

Has OTG become almost exclusively a PC gaming group now? I see no references to forum names or categories that refer to console games.

Thanks for any input.

Hi Griz, I found this post from July 20th last year. You might find some console connections at specific game threads. Since the forum changes many of the main “off topic” type of threads seemed to have been moved or removed.

You might have better luck connecting with others who do console by checking out the different games you are interested in. You can always pm Kelryth to see if you can be directed to individuals known to use console.

I do know I’ve heard many conversations over the past year or so about these, and I wish I could help you myself, but I am solely a pc user.

we do have


also there is the channels on discord. #consoles-Playstation and #Consoles-Xbox

Also mmo’s that have a console port like ESO or FFXIV usually have a spot in those particular forum sections.

You can also try reaching out to @wont . He is General Games Staff and has some focus on consoles. @Kelryth is correct in that there are also Discord channels available. I cannot speak as to the popularity of these topics, as I am not a console player myself.

We do have console players out there. A quick forum search (not only the console categories, but the console, ps4 and xbox tags) did turn up quite a few threads, but again, I’m not sure if this is what you are seeking. Consoles are definitely not as popular as the PC offerings and have much quieter OTG areas.

Good luck!

I play mostly on console…I love the RPGs, which I am sure come to PC, but I sit in front of one all day and would rather be one with the couch while I play.

Since I mentioned RPGs, that’s my usual game, and most of them are solo like Ghosts of Tsushima…my current go to, which btw EVERYONE needs to play if they haven’t :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that’s what I’m talking about, Thestache. We are cut from the same mold. :^)

And I will definitely give Ghosts of Tsushima a try.

Do you play Elder Scrolls Online at all?


I played it on PC, a lot of people like it, but it is not my cup of tea. It has a ton of content and voice acting, but to me, it’s like every new DLC is just sort of a reskin of the last one, and the story did nothing for me…haven’t done many MMOs on console

I gave up on ESO, some parts of it annoyed me.

Final Fantasy XIV is great on console. PC and console users play together. Playstation only im afraid. There may be an xbox version at some point but not any time soon

I forgot about Ghosts of Tsushima. I was excited about it before I learned it was an exclusive and just forgot. BG3 is fun. I can’t do the EA again, but all over it a launch.

Most discussions and conversations happen on Discord nowadays. Since the forum change the forums haven’t really been very active, overall.

I’ve been spending more time on console lately. My current vice is Fishing Planet. Sitting out in the middle of a big lake, listening to nature and…I wake up an hour later. Not many folks from the community on my friends list, but hit me up on PSN if you like. Info is below. :arrow_heading_down:

Thanks for the replies, guys. One more question…

I want to get on OTG Discord. I went to a very old bookmark I have and didn’t see too much activity. Can you give me a link or some other information that will get into mainstream OTG on Discord? I’m itching to get back in touch. It’s been too long.