OTG Active in Albion?

Is there an active OTG chapter in Albion?

We used to be very active but then there was an incident where the Albion leader wanted to allow someone in that the general OTG membership team did not want to allow in and the Albion leader and most of the OTG people in Albion at the time left to form a different guild. Then there wasn’t much OTG activity and presence. As to recently, I suspect it is the same.

Thanks Neph

I was active in beta and first 6 month of launch in OTG but the guild never got off the group and fell apart and I drifted to other games, coming back it looked like I was kicked or the guild collapsed as you indicated.

I have 3 to 5 people that I play with currently, some OTG from Diablo 3 plus Fadari (Lisa). I sent you a friend request in game if you still play. This latest patch is fun. We have been exploring black zone dungeons but need more players to make a go at it. I moved my Island out of Fort Sterling to Matlock.

Wow. Albion has come a LONG way. Medieval EVE Online. Tons of solo and dungeon content. World bosses. Having lots of fun!

Hey guys. I just started playing Albion a few days ago. It looks like a great game, especially for people in guilds wanting to pvp. If anyone is playing and would like another person to partner up for stuff friend and mail me in game. My online name is Kepha.

Love Albion. I’ll join! do you use discord?