Original Everquest anyone?

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Was thinking of jumping back into EQ and hoping we might have a couple other members that are currently playing or willing to come back to play it.

It’s old I know, but no other current online game has even come close matching how much fun I had there.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Thats a great game. Id be interested. What server? I imagine I can find it. I want be a froglock.

returned a couple years ago. leveled a warrior up to early 30’s rather quickly/faster than I was expecting. had difficulty finding groups/a spot after that. was either a spot in velinous and I was in kunark or vice versa. the last try I sat around LFG for 2 hours. hope you have a great time revisiting Norrath.

Hey Neko! Going to be honest, I drunk posted about the original Everquest! I would like to play again with a guildie though. I’m tired of going solo when I jump back in. If you’re still interested in trying it again please hit me up.


im down to try. thaks!

Sweet! Let me know what server you want to play on and also what class. I’ll join you!