Order Pizza & get EatPizza emote

Get an emote, get dinner, AND free delivery (for the 1st few)! Weird, but I’m gonna do it anyways!! 12/9 - 12/15.


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Nothing in my neck of the woods. Oh well… I wish there was. My fault for living in the backwoods of Ontario :slight_smile:

More Canadians!! We’re taking over then you’ll ALL be sorry!! Muahahaha!

We never get stuff like this.

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bummer was so busy just saw this now I order out grubhub once a week

Mine failed miserably. I had 2 orders, but never got a code. It was a mess of grubhub sometimes saying it was a lottery, sometimes saying it was limited (supposedly only the free delivery portion was limited), each customer service rep sends you to the other company. I gave up, no emote for me. So not worth the headache. :pizza: