Opiod capital of United States

I know certain areas of Dayton, OH are bad. I stopped watching TV a little over 2 years ago. I was unaware that Dayton was considered the #1 area for Opioid users and traffickers primary do to 75x70 interchange. The one shining star of Dayton is the changes that the University of Dayton is helping to change. I always stood by the fact that change begins at home. It will get worse before it gets better is another adage. Take care.

That would explain things a little better Dayton is #3 is most miserable places to live in United States. That would better explain the Death Threat I received and being called a Lying POS. But we move on don’t we.

Seeing some of the things I have seen in Dayton, I really can see this. For lying some believe the first person that talks to you is the one you should believe. I go by the adage which really holds true, "A lie can get half-way round the world while the truth is just getting its shoes on. Take care all.

I know this is what people say, that Dayton is the opiod capital of the state/country/world/. There are some seriously cool things here i’ve found. The Air Force Marathon is awesome and is super fun to get involved in, the brew scene here is great (warped wing, dayton beer company, etc) the summer festivals are fantastic with Celtic Fest and German Fest.

Also, i’m a part of the 501st Star Wars group here, and its great to see all the community events they get into and the donations they give to the Children’s Hospital. This year they’re at 20K donated locally thus far, which is awesome!

Affect change where you can dude. Move if you need to but realize that certain things (like drugs) tend to haunt you wherever you are and will attempt to paint your entire community as crap . Challenge yourself to be a force for positive change, for me it was looking into the 501st, for others its getting involved in the community. There’s some good folks out here dude.

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I did live near the east side, fairly close to the 10 or 11 ods that occurred over a few days. I stay away from that area. I still take my mom out for rides. Mostly through town with no stopping except for pop or milk. Yeah I know, about the fest. I stay out of it, but dealing with the depression, and the over riding desire to go after someone who is responsible for extra aggravation I have to deal with. Trying to not state publicly who all was involved, but could easily start bashing the people responsible. with names. Like I said, I will refrain. What I did do, in OH harassment 2nd time is a 5th degree felony charge. Mental health and women are top of the list but any one is covered by it. I wrote a note to the State Attorney General for making it 5th degree when foreknowledge of the persons problems and a premeditated attack on them as harassing them. As I said take care.