[Open] Star Trek Adventures (Wednesday 7:30pm EST Alternating)

@fenwald, @Jendai , @Silent, @Dacheese, @Stormin, @Elmin

Seeing as we’re looking at another changeup - at request of Jendai I’ll be doing Star Trek Adventures. If anyone wants to coordinate, please do! If anyone needs time with me to learn the game, I’m happy to oblige.

The key to this game is that you progress by challenging your values on a mission. It can go any way, but you gain progression points for doing so and having an impact. Remember: This is like a TV show where you write and act out your character! Treat them well!

I’ll be making this a bit faster to pick up and play for everyone:

  1. The in game date will be 2377, which is after The Dominion war ends. So if you’re watched DS9 and Voyager, you’re all good. (Voyager will finally get home next year.)
  2. You’ll be assigned a ship. It’s Nebula-class starship - its primary mission is long range scanning and patrol.
  3. You can play anyone except the captain, who you will be able to create together. You will also throw out ideas for all the empty key officer roles on the ship that aren’t taken. Remember: you can play ANYONE on the ship.

Here’s some helpful tips when trying out Chargen:

  • Your Values, Traits and Specializations are all abstract; They could be anything you can think of.
  • Your Talents are like D&D feats. You gain access to more as you go down the CharGen Process.
  • You can play any person on the ship, but everyone is a Starfleet officer!

Tutorials: https://youtu.be/r9-cafHjTB0
Quickstart: https://www.modiphius.net/products/star-trek-adventures-quickstart-guide
Book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1910132853
CharGen Tool: http://sta.modiphiusapps.hostinguk.org/
NERD LORE: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Portal:Main

Current Characters:

  • Lieutenant Mark Galloway - Human Male Science Officer - @Jendai
  • Master CPO Sabia - Haliian Female Flight Controller - @Stormin
  • Commander Z’Thor - Caitian ??? Chief of Security - @Dacheese

I will be Playing the Security Officer

It seems I need to open a port on the router that won’t let me open ports.

The group is Open for the time being - I need at least 1 more person, and would prefer two more.

I was interested in this back when you were putting it together, but life happened and I just couldn’t commit at the time. Life has eased up (for the moment) and I have more free time.

Edit Disregard my question about day/time as I eventually noticed it in the thread title.