[Open] Star Trek Adventures - Sunday Nights, 7PM-10PM EST

Game: Star Trek Adventures
When: Sunday nights, 7PM-10PM eastern time.
What: Fantasy Grounds - custom ruleset for STA.
Who: Due to its newer and exotic nature, I’m running this table across communities. Non-OTG are invited but be advised of the implications of the strangeness of outsiders. :stuck_out_tongue: The game will be run from my own discord server. If anyone is interested in hanging out or joining - please PM me for the link.

Star Trek Adventures is focused more on problem solving, character development, and roleplaying - it puts a lot of emphasis on the player’s characters being part of the story and drama more than combat, looting, and progression. This is a game that works a bit like a TV show.

You can get a free PDF to get started https://www.modiphius.net/collections/star-trek-adventures/products/star-trek-adventures-quickstart-guide

The Five Great Rules:

  1. Behave yourself. (Should go without saying)
  2. Do not take the game personally.
  3. Players and their characters must be able to work together with the table and party.
  4. NO BACKSIES. Properly Label or Declare all of your rolls.
  5. My table is a NO WHINING zone.

Current Roster:

  1. dstuff - Commander Chris Archer (XO)
  2. ryuken - N/A

How we’re doing this:

The Era will be post-DS9 24th century trek, or 2377. The Dominion War has ended, and the Alpha and Beta Quadrant are looking to heal over from the conflicts that broke out during DS9.

For the sake of making this easy and fun for everyone (including me), The Captain will be generated and characterized by the players, as well as any spare supporting characters or crew roles that aren’t taken. You will interact with these characters as if it were TV. You will also choose the kind of ship that you want, and I will generate it to spec, including a service history.

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This is really dumb of me.
I have no time for this.
My puny brain can’t keep track of all these different game systems.
I may have purchased a Humble Bundle for this game.

– Randok of Vulan, 2020, On the Irrefutable Irrationality of TTRPGs

Still looking for more. Definitely might need some help and time to fill the group, but I think this game will be quite good.

I’ll just have to harass @Rando more during our Thursday night Pathfinder games about playing Star Trek Adventures.

Work continues on handy things. I am almost done with some handy status trays, which I will share once they are cleaned up for general use.

Ship combat is pretty interesting. Your shields protect you, and after that you risk some serious damage to the ship. While possible to end up Dead in Space - to me, it only makes more more drama and more story.

In the meantime - just cooking up more and more content.