Open open open

Downloads start at Noon EST! Maybe…or maybe they start early…either way good luck with your download. :smiley:

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Preloading now. 57.1Gb.

Yes, I know it’s 4:30pm EST, but I’m in Mountain Time, and mty lunch break isn’t until 2pm my time. :slight_smile:

Downloads might be starting for some people, but sor me it’s been cycling between “Starting Download” and “Download Queued” for the past half hour. :frowning:

I did the pre-download yesterday.

No joy today, in getting today’s download to allow me to play. I changed my download server in Steam, just to try my luck elsewhere, still getting “Connection Time Out”.

Same for dang-near everyone, looks like. Good thing I didn’t intend to play until this evening.

I made a decision toss-up as to whether to work or game today, ad it looks like Steam is telling me that my decision to work was the right one.

Work doesn’t end until 7:30pm Eastern for me today (well, every day but Wednesday, but I commute that day, and don’t work from home like I do the other 4 weekdays).

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The only servers listed are Mari, Valtan, & Enviska

Those are West Coast servers. I’m not actually in-game, though, so I have no idea how to see East-Coast servers

It picks servers for you based on where you’re connecting from. You have to select an alternate region and restart the game to get a different server list.

I had pre-loaded but at 9am it started another dl that lasted about half an hour…then it wanted me to play on a West Coast server and if you want to change you have to restart the game, which I did…then I got right in and did the prologue and am running around slowly doing quests and eating while I play…which I haven’t done in a long long time. One of the nice features I was impressed with was when you’re picking your class it lets you try combat against mobs and a boss to see if that’s what you really wanted. There are plenty of guilds up and running atm…most have 1-4 members. Only thing I didn’t like was spotting the Goons. Have fun everyone!

Thank you for responding. Yeah it was my mistake, I forget OTG is East Coast based and it was easy in game to change it. NP.

How many characters can you have? I want to make a couple for NA East and a couple for NA west… is that possible? I want to join OTG, but my brother only plays on NA west LOL.

Guess I can make characters on east and West. yay!