One thing I genuinely appreciate

…is the evolution of TZ’s presence and the way he speaks. In the early years I used to make myself crazy counting his “umms” and “uuhhhs”, getting up into the 100s in a 10 min video. This recent video is quite articulate and I really appreciate his presence matching his genius.

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Yeah this video is a testament to the game itself.

And it shows why we are still in alpha after almost 9 years of project existence and just over 6 years of active development.

It certainly makes you appreciate the sheer scale of the project - and the ambition.

I played all weekend last week and am playing every night this week and it’s fantastic, IMO. I understand all the gripes about the unfulfilled promises and so on, but thinking back, following the development of this game over the years has given me an enormous amount of pleasure. I’ve spent a lot of money, but no more (in total over the years) than one of my mates just dropped on his latest mountain bike, and I’ve grown excited at pending concept sales, and then revelled in buying the ship, even tho I know I could grind for it for free in game.

Add that accumulative pleasure the most recent few weeks of playing the build, plus every attempt, abortive or not, in between, and I feel like it’s all worth it. I absolutely love ordering up a ship, going to the hangar/ pad, and seeing the ship there, getting inside, looking around and enjoying the space and features, then launching and, more often than not, just kind of pootling around, not really doing anything too serious. For me, it has already delivered enough gameplay, in a sufficiently entertaining way, for me to be happy, and that’s what any game is all about. The fact that it’s going to evolve even more is just really enticing and exciting and I can’t wait to see if the overhaul in missions occurs as Tony Z says it will over the next few months… And (I think like mcallen) I have very little interest in combat, but the game is delivering, for me anyway.

Yeah, been playing more myself (Sorry Sim your call came in when we had just engaged our bounties)

Had some ups and downs. Lost half my aUEC playing roulette with a 30k, but having fun with the reputation system and slowly building back up so I can start trading again.

Got a Vulcan CCU to go with my Vulture and Hull-B (no need for a pack) Eye-balling what my first 3 months in the game will be like.

Nice! I CCU’d to get a Vulcan, and am hoping to do the same to a Vulture, well, if not on Friday then during the November IAE. You have a good money-making trio there, ProfX! :slight_smile: