OMG...I don't think Bliz envisioned this massacre in Aberrus

“This bumpy introduction continues with a zany experiment documented by WoWhead. Guide writer, evoker specialist, and streamer Jereico has been cooking up a hotfix-causing strat, bringing two death knights into a raid with 22 augmentation evoker cheerleaders to help them melt face. It’s not even an exploit, technically—just a fatal flaw in how the classes are designed.”

In the full video, this combo goes on to chew its way through the entire raid on Heroic difficulty, slaughtering most bosses in under half a minute. The only thing that stops this deathball are transitions when the bosses become immune or highly resistant to damage—otherwise, it’s a massacre.

I can imagine that this is going to be interesting to see how Bliz responds to this issue. One raid group brought along 22 evokers to achieve this massive event. Just saying…I can see a rework coming but have no idea how Bliz can prevent groups from amassing this type of group without group restrictions put into place for raiding/dungeons.

just a fatal flaw in how the classes are designed” which just shows that Bliz really may need to rethink how they “balance” classes. We’ve all seen how some classes always end up at the bottom of the pile because of how they rose to the top at one point or another.

Bliz always seems to eviscerate our favorite classes instead of taking a look at the overall issue in how they balance all classes in the grand scheme of the game. I’m no game developer but I’ve always never understood why classes get nerfed instead of the others getting the buffs to bring everyone up to the same level.

I suspect we will see massive changes to the Evoker class because of this unintended consequence of support power, which will be a shame. They need to figure out how to adjust things so people don’t abandon the Evoker entirely because Bliz’s evident nerf hammer.

I remember how some support classes played in Rift. Surely Bliz can manage to adjust support functions so that the Evoker Augmentation spec still does a great support role without destroying it’s effectiveness in groups.

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