Omega/Phoenix Upgrade's, Upcoming Tech Weekend, the Tzen-Tar, Maquis Raider and the Kelvin Dreadnought

If you check your calendar the weekend of the 1st of may is an upgrade weekend, perfect time to upgrade as its double tp or tech points weekend. Best way to maximize this weekend is to open up phoenix lockbox (which has become a permanent purchase in dil store). Even if you get unlucky and only get 10 green phoenix tokens that’s still 10 phoenix upgrades. You can also downgrade ultra rare, very rare and rare cards for more green tokens for more phoenix upgrades (unless you need something from those tiers). Phoenix upgrades are good because hey give 51200 in tp and its double on upgrade weekend best of all since you used dil to acquire them they cost no dil to apply. This combined with Omega Quality Upgrades its the most cost effective way to get an item to epic mk XV. Unfortunately, if you missed out on this years omega event there is no way to acquire the omega’s. Alternative way is to purchase rp cards in AH and apply them as you try to level an item and hope the rng god smiles upon you.

If you missed out on purchasing the Tzen-tar through the lobi crystal weekend, you missed out on a great ship.

  • First it has the Dreadnought moniker on it, which means it should have one of the highest hull and shield capacity in the game.
  • Also it is one of the few ships that has 12 console slots instead o the standard 10 or 11 slots.
  • The boff layout is very generous as you can do almost anything and everything with this ship.
  • You can load dual cannons (very rare for a Dreadnought especially for a Dreadnought Carrier) with 5 front and 2 aft that’s super duper dps right there
  • Its a Dreadnought that can turn like a Battlecruiser at 7.5 turn unmodded unlike the standard 6 for most Dreadnoughts that’s very unique and rare for a ship with the Dreadnought name.
  • It’s a carrier, though you lose out one an aft weapon slot you get 2 hanger bays. Depending on your pet of choice that is either a great trade off or a meh tradeoff. Good choices for pets are the elite obelisk swarmers, tholian widow fighters, and the elite tactical flyer squadrons.
  • It’s only drawback is it’s ugly (IMO) slap the Section 31 Battlecruiser skin onto this ship and I shall worship Cryptic.

The Maquis Raider is a great choice for lobi ship purchase

  • It has one of the most versatile boff loadouts I have ever seen
  • it also boasts 12 console slots
  • has the plasma storm console a space wizards wet dream (it lets you cast that space tornado that you see some people use in stf’s and it only has a 2 minute recast timer) has epg and control boosts which is why it is desired by science captains or ones who spam control skills like GW
  • Downside is its stated as an escort making you squishy
  • looks ok not the best but feels clunky to me

Kelvin Vengeance Intel Dreadnought Cruiser

  • if you see alot of these there is a reason for it, it is awesome enough to still be meta despite STO’s power creep
  • Has the dreadnought name (explained above)
  • Has a very good boff layout with enough room to loadout however you want
  • Has 5 front 3 aft and can load cannons, nice
  • Has 1 hanger bay which comes with a very good pet the kelvin timeline assault drones
  • Looks great (IMO again only)
  • Downside it suffers from most dreadnoughts and turns at 6
  • it costs quite a bit of lobi and should be bought during lobi discount weekend
  • lots of people fly it so you won’t feel unique
    If you have not considered which ship you want to have at endgame you cannot go wrong with the Kelvin Vengeance.
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It’s upgrade weekend you would want to use this time to upgrade your items now. Phoenix upgrades are key if you do not have omega quality upgrades use Phoenix along with research boost blue or green to get the quality up its the most effective way unless you like to spend 50-60k in dil for a chance to get an item to epic. Not to mention each Phoenix upgrade give 102500 tp per use double if you crit.

A conventional alternative would be to craft experimental upgrade’s. Apart from the necessary components needed (which can be procured doing advanced TFO’s) you need borg salvage which can be attained through performing exceptionally well in a Advanced Borg (Omega Mark) TFO, a good one which many people farm for it is Infected Conduit Advanced or ICA. Since you are most probably pugging this TFO it is either a hit or miss as you can get a really good team you can get you in and out without much problems or all over the place and allow the probes to heal to Converters which disables your chance at salvage. Experimental upgrades give a measly 25600 tp on upgrade weekend but they do have a quality x2 modifier. They also cost around 1075 per use to use. You are still more cost effective to use your dil in acquiring phoenix upgrades compared to experimental as they use less to cycle quality over experimental upgrades. Also using research boost green or blue is key to boost quality chance they can be bought through the AH.