Old posts gone?

So there is no import coming of the old posts? kinda large loss of info…

The old forums are going to be maintained as a read only forum for posterity.

The vB forums will still be available for historical posts. If there is a thread you think is important enough to migrate then chat with Dewald.

Just getting this up and running with permissions and people is the first step. The old posts will become an archive.

Is there something in particular you’d like brought over?

I was thinking of some of the other forums actually. Ashes is a ways out and so much will change still. I’ll take a wait and see, hope it all works out well :slight_smile:

I cant imagine the time it would take to transfer everything over. 12+ years of messages…

12 years of post history, wow. Alpha 1 is not too far away for Ashes of Creation (Oct./2018). It will be nice to have the new game’s discussion all on the new site.