Old player returning with questions

I just started playing again this weekend and i am having a blast. How active is the guild? When are people usually on? There are so many new things is there a good guide someone could recommend or should I just wing it? I have one character currently in the guild but I actually want to make that my alt and make Kaylita@jmae64 my main if that is possible. Please let me know if I need to remove Adventria@jmae64 from the main guild to do that. Hope to see any of you guys in game.

Hi Adventria,
I was very active, now floating, reading on the new content that’s coming. The guild in game is a little low, but there are some active members.
Please post your alt guild invite here > https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/c/gg/gg-in-game-invites you can have alts in the guild.
I work during the day, but check in during the evenings, eastern time. There’s so much this game has for content, and i spend too much $$ on it :slightly_smiling_face:

always a fan of AD&D and glad to hear of some of the new content.

FYI Neverwinter Online is changing from 4th to 5th generation rule set this year.

They said there are opening a test server NO in March.

I play in after noon MST/PDT, I live in Az and we do not play daylight saving time game.

There is a community on Discord you can find here > https://discord.gg/Nkw9En
This link also contains other class specific servers

Yes they did. I posted asking if anyone was going to try out Undermountain over on test. I had transferred one of my characters over once the announcement was sent out about it being on the test server.