Old OTG'r returning for ESO PLS

I used to be in OTG Years Ago… i was known by the name “Lumpygravy” & “Grumpy”

I wish to return and re-join the ESO chanpter

what do I do?

Welcome back!

Start here & let the Membership staff know who you were. They’ll probably ask you which email you used on your old account for verification. They’ll get you set up as a member again.

Then you can shoot @Tess_Phyreforge a personal message about ESO. She’s the Chapter Leader and she’ll get you all set up to get your invite in-game.

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Welcome back

Once you follow Blatie’s instruction and you are listed an OTG member again then send me a PM with your ESO info and i’ll get an invite out to you.

OK! Sorry i haven’t done Blasties instructions yet… Real life got busy heheheheh

please PM me your USER ID

i havent played in a couple years, i was gonna start over, i am installing it now! how do i know what my id is? will it say once i logg in or on the website?

your USER ID is what you log to the game with and also what other players will use to send you group invites,
hit G in game and it will be listed in top left corner as a @name

once you have game installed and you have logged into the game for the 1st time then I can send your invite out, you do not need to be online for the invite to go through, it will be in your notification tab in game and you can accept the 2 guild invites I send you