Old man just returned after 15 years

I just returned to EQ2 after a brief trial back in 2004. Based on OTG suggestions (and I’m an old man for sure), I created a character on the Halls of Fate server. Is the guild still active on EQ2?


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Hi, Salad! The OTG guild is indeed on Halls of Fate - I’m logged in at the moment on Rosyposy.

The guild has been quiet lately, sadly, but there’s always a chance that things will pick up again.

Hi @Salad, I was not able to find your account on the old forums. Please take a few minutes and sign in and send me a private message over there with your user name here so I can cross-check them. Use the “forgot” feature if you need to. Here is a link for you: https://forum.oldtimersguild.com/privatemessage/index

If you’ve never been a member previously, here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/w/otg-application

Let me know if you are unable to do so. :smiley:

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Oh my, I go back in this game back to the good old days. Then took a good long break and came back. After a while , left again to play other games, but this is a good game, always on my pc, a very good game to come back to. Hehe. I remember the fun and good times I’ve had here. May be back again. After all, I’m only 88 - a very elder timer indeed. Trustee