Old Dog Learning New Tricks - Looking for Easy To Follow LI Instructions

I re-activated my account and am playing my 101 Hunter thinking I was doing ok on re-learning how to play him when I got my butt kicked badly by Dolgimil. I have been researching what equipment adjustments I can make and started reading all this info on my Legacy Items. After a days worth of research I am more confused than ever. If anyone has a link to a simple step by step LI process I would be grateful if you shared it with me.

Basic instructions:

You can trade 50 Gift Giver Brands for any weapon, and a hunter uses 2 of them. Runs are Tue and Sat nights.

NEVER use a scroll of Delving on an LI until after you have all 7 LIs on it and then it is imbued. Before hand you have to earn 10 levels to get one legacy increased, after imbuing it affects ALL legacies by increasing them by 1 rank.

Complete legacy listing (except bridles) (lotro.com)

Read the above post to see what your legacies will be before and after you do the imbue, and ONLY inbue FA100 items. Never do 2A or 3A items.

Would only like to add that the LI system is probably the most complained about aspect of the game currently. It is a very confusing system. The devs have acknowledged this and have said they need to revamp this system. But, they have not committed to a time frame yet.

Hope you stick with it!

Thanks for the replies.
I think that I have figured out that the bow I am using now even though it says Minimum level 100 it is a pre Level 100 bow. So step 1 as far as I can see is to get my woodworker alt up to Max Guild reputation so I can craft a new First Age bow. As I am in no real hurry to level up, which at the moment seems like it is going too quickly, I will be running around prospecting and foresting for a bit. In the meantime I’ll keep reading. Thanks again.

Oh, I looked up the gift giver brands. By runs I assume you mean Roving Threats quests. I am rusty on riding my horse, and definitely way out of touch with group runs. I would give it a try if I don’t ruin it for others. I see something about dailies that I will look in to a bit.
Thanks for the info!

Tonight we will be running the Scourge run which is 115 minimum. But on Sat we will be running all of Eriador at 7PM eastern time which only requires level 95 to join and get the quests. You may even get enough brands for an LI during that one run so it is good to try to join.

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll try to be ready to go!

I am reading this until I understand it:
Prepping for LI Imbuement (lotro.com)

Ok I have a lot to learn about these runs, but I had a blast. Thanks for the heads up.