OK, so are we doing anything for Redfall?

OK, so are we doing anything for Redfall? This kind of looks like The Secret World, rebooted and faster. Looking forward to it, not sure if they will have a guild or faction system but if they do, I am IN!

I’m not sure if there is going to be a whole lot of OTG interest in this game. It is not an MMO, rather it is a hub-based, co-op, fps looter shooter; more like the Left4Dead games, but with vampire instead of zombies. I doubt there will be anything like guilds or factions. I was mildly interested in it myself, but not for the $70 price tag. I might get it later when it is on sale.

I’m probably going to pass on it even though it’s on game pass. It just doesn’t interest me at all.

Yeah, I was on the fence on this one because I thought I would like Left 4 Dead much more than I actually did. OTOH couldn’t say no to something that reminded me of The Secret World that much…

Fair enough. And yeah, somewhat high price tag but couldn’t help myself…

I’ll be playing, but only because it’s on Gamepass…doesn’t really excite me, but well, it’s “free”

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Welp, not free for me, already seeing leaks panning the game, but it is what it is; will look for fellow OTGers if there is any team-finding stuff…

I found the L4D games to be decent enough for a playthrough, but not something I played beyond that. The Back4Blood game that just came out was pretty much a copy paste of L4D to me and again, not something I played beyond the one playthrough. I feel like Redfall is going to be the same type of thing. I was interested because of the whole vampire theme and the fps looter shooter, but and they just turned me off with the $70 price tag unfortunately. So far I have passed up Diablo 4 and Star Wars Jedi Survivor for now so Redfall was much further down the list of stuff I was interested in so there was no way I was gonna get Redfall if I passed on those other games.

But @Threemoons I feel ya, I was sore tempted to pre-order Redfall for awhile there…

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Diablo IV is actually kind of fun, did the beta.

Diablo 4 was another one of those games I wrestled with the decision to pre-order it or not as well. Played the beta and I liked some of it, but there was enough of it I didn’t like that I just didn’t feel like validating Blizzard jumping on the $10 price hike for gaming so I decided to pass on it. D4 felt too much like Diablo Immortal for my tastes.

Aaah, I never played Immortal. Anyway, tuning in to the Redfall thing from Bethesda on Twitch in a minute…

Well, you probably know by now but I did try it to see for myself. The game is short, underwhelming to put it kindly and loaded with bugs. Bug fixes won’t be enough here. They are going to try that and it isn’t going to work because bugs are just a part of the failures here unfortunately.

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I hear ya. I feel screwed on this one. AAA pricing, indie game play.

I checked it out on Gamepass and dayum what were they thinking? Which of the devs played their own game and thought, “Yeah this is going to be fine for release…” because it ain’t. I’m usually pretty forgiving regarding a game’s jankiness if the gameplay is really good and at it’s core the gameplay of Redfall is pretty basic and not that great. I played it a bit Thursday night and got to lvl 4 and by that time I could tell the gunplay, the core of the gameplay, is not that great. It is some of the stiffest, clunkiest gunplay I have experienced in a game in quite some time. That is disappointing from the start, a looter shooter with poor gunplay is shooting itself in the foot right out of the gate. But first thing one notices is the visuals, which are also pretty poor. The texturing has a very plastic/artificial look to it and are pretty simplistic. The lighting and shadows are pretty poor looking as well with lots of shadow flickering and lighting that feels like the bloom filter is cranked to 11 on a dial of 10. I didn’t see too many bugs in my brief playtime (about 3-4 hours), but I did see some like corpses vanishing right by me. Actually that’s the only bug I can really remember encountering so far, but there may have been some hotfixes in between launch and last night.

The gameplay reminds me of the Dying Light games a bit, with the open worldish exploration of the town and the change between night and day. During the day you might find cultists out and about, but at night exploration is much more dangerous with vampires out and about and more cultists.

This game is definitely a failure on the part of Arkane and Microsoft. It plays and feels like a game from 10 years ago. If ever a AAA game felt phoned in it is this game. Maybe they should have taken 10 years to develop it like the Dead Island 2 devs. Phil Spencer’s apology ain’t gonna do squat for them either.

EDIT I should add that the performance/optimization ain’t that great either. The graphics/visual/video settings showed that they were det to “Epic” by default and they were not. I clicked on the Epic settings button to open the full list of advanced video settings and most everything was set to medium by default. Setting things to high or epic settings did not improve the visuals much and regardless of epic, high or medium settings I experienced way too much hitching and stuttering.

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Also, why do all the characters in the game have rather noticeably oversized hands? It looks kinda comical and detracts from the ambiance of the game.

Oh, I found worse bugs than that so far. Haven’t had much time to play this week but when i was finally able to get in at launch, played a few hours and then a few hours after that. At level 3 or so no and hitting MAJOR bugs like vampires that can’t be hit/stuck in walls, and a few geometry “stuck in things” issues. I loved all the demos for the game and was really hoping for a faster-moving clone of The Secret World, which I thought was really underrated as a game. As such, I paid full price for the deluxe version. I’m still getting used to the mechanics, which are klunky. Also, the prices for stuff like lockpicks and circuit breakers is outrageous, and if you run out of amno even on easy level you are dead…

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I didn’t change the difficulty level so I have to assume I am playing on normal? I haven’t run into any geometry issues or stuck enemies…yet. The rather dumb enemy AI makes using the sniper rifle reaaaaaaally nice. :smirk:

But Arkane also committed a development crime, yes a crime by NOT HAVING ANY PLAYER STASH IN THE GAME YET! Who the hell decided not having player stash in the game was the right decision because that person should be spanked with a baseball bat or a metal pizza oven peel.

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Well, I gave it a try, and the main thing to me is it was not engaging at all. I look for fun first, and really like story driven games, and this one was just boring and confusing to me. I might have made it 3hrs in before I just stopped playing as it started to feel like one of those “fill in the map” games that had nothing to draw me in