Ok OTG'ers! Who's playing D2:Resurrected?

New OTG user here. Really really enjoying D2:R. I forgot how hard Diablo II is. I’ve died way to much already (just about to tackle Duriel with my Hammerdin).

Played D3 from launch and only HC last few years/seasons.

Any other D2 vets here?

I’m playing D2:R. Duriel is kicking my butt. :woozy_face:

Yeah. I tried a few times with my Pally last night. Level 21. Got wrecked hard. Might have to spend some time in Arcane Sanctuary leveling up to 24 or so before I tackle him again.

Forgot how brutal Duriel is.

And people complained about Diablo 3! hah

Ya Durial sucks. Small space and he hits like a truck.

The guaranteed unique the first time a char drops his is kinda nice though.

I am playing as well.

Perhaps we need a D2 space in general gaming?

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Once New World launches tomorrow D2 will be on the back burner for a while for me.

You and me both! Been playing D2 waiting for NW for sure… :sunglasses:

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I’ll pick it up when it’s on sale in December. Played so many hours/days of it since the day it released. Back then I took three days off on vacation just to stay home and grind through the acts.

Not very far along - anyone up for some low level teamage?