October 2020 Producers Letter - PA5 Dates and Times (and More)

Hi all,

This month’s Producer’s Letter looks back on the history of Pantheon development, provides some background on systems re-work that has impacted their timelines, and lays out the days and times for the upcoming PA-5 tests.

Personally, I think the explanation of delays makes sense. I’m glad they provided some honest info about what they did wrong and what they’ve done since to fix it and set themselves up for the future.

Anyway, enough from me. Here’s the link:



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I saw Ben’s post and was very happy. I have comments of Wen 21 and will move my time slot to 7-10 pm PST and looking to setup a group to play in that time slot Wen-Thur with a discord channel if Design can set up channels with the proper NDA or I will join any other channel. Have play a Shammy in the last PA5-so2 but looking to play a Rouge this time out. Again Grats to Ben for posting a great Producer’s Letter and looking forward to grouping with OTG.

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I appreciated the letter also. I kept up to date with the VR website at the start 2014-2015. After that I dropped in every couple to few months to avoid a burn out. I didn’t really comprehend they had stopped coding in one form and move to another type of developement code/engine until a couple weeks ago. Someone’s post on the VR forums had mentioned it.

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Definitely appreciated the transparency of the post. I’m glad to hear that things are moving along and that they feel the changes outlined in the letter will help them to speed up development moving forward. I hope those of you in PA5 like what you see and I look forward to joining you in Alpha. Cheers!